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Jax Wax Coastal Banksia Pre and Post Wax Oil

Jax Wax Coastal Banksia Pre and Post Wax Oil

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  • Softens and protects the skin prior to application of hot wax.
  • Fast absorption into the surface of the skin protecting sensitive or intimate areas for a less painful treatment.
  • 16 oz

Banksias are found in a wide variety of landscapes from typical Australian bushland to rainforests to arid landscapes. Coastal Banksia Pre and After Wax Oil is as diverse as the plant itself as it is suitable for use across all areas of the body, in all climates and can be used as a pre and after wax oil.  The oil can also be used to assist with the setting of hot/stripless wax and helps to provide a quicker, painless waxing experience. Indigenous Australians used the Banksia flowers as a source of food, and extracted the nectar to make sweet drinks.

  • Australian Tea Tree and Lime essential oils make this our ultimate waxing oil.
  • Made specifically to enhance the performance of hot wax.
  • Highly recommend for intimate areas, eyebrow and facial waxing, as well as for home care treatment.