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5 Must-Know Eyelash Extension Bonding & Retention Tips

Lash glue is what keeps your clients' beautifully crafted extensions intact. If the glue's bond is weak, the extensions can fall off sooner than expected, leaving your clients unsatisfied with the results of their treatments. To ensure a strong bond and enduring lashes, check out these five must-know eyelash extension bonding and retention tips.

Store Your Adhesive Properly

If you want your lash glue to work optimally, you need to store it in optimal conditions. You should store your glue upright in a cool, dry, and dark place. Cupboards, drawers, and closets are ideal locations. If necessary, you can store unopened bottles of lash glue in a fridge, but this isn't advisable for opened glues. It can cause the moisture inside the container to condense, which prematurely cures the adhesive.

Replace Old Adhesive

Lash glues lose their potency over time. Unopened, most lash glues have a shelf life of six months. Once opened, they last 30 days when you store them in the proper conditions. After your glue has exceeded its recommended shelf life, discard and replace it. Beyond this point, it can start to turn thick and stringy and won't provide a secure, long-lasting bond.

Isolate First

Make sure to do your prep work first and isolate your clients’ natural lashes before cracking open your glue bottle. Lash glues cure very quickly. If you dip your fan before isolating the lashes, the glue will cure before you can apply it.

Use Just the Right Amount of Adhesive

Our next must-know eyelash extension bonding and retention tip is to monitor how much glue you’re using. Too little glue results in poor bonding and extensions prematurely falling off. Conversely, too much glue creates an uncomfortably thick base and can bond multiple fans together to create an unsightly, clumpy look. All you need is a small bead. Cover one to three millimeters of the lash base in glue by dipping it briefly into the container. Don't brush or dab it after dipping, as this can distribute the glue unevenly and weaken its bond.

Provide Clients with Aftercare Advice

If you want your clients’ extensions to last, you'll need to provide them with post-care tips before they leave your salon. If your client gets their lashes wet too soon, rubs their lashes too harshly, sleeps on their stomach, or uses oil-based makeup products, they can damage the extensions and weaken the glue’s bond.

Ensuring lash glue bonds to the extensions—and remains bonded—is mostly a matter of storing the glue correctly and applying it carefully. Using a high-quality, long-lasting glue to start can also help. At Lash and Beauty Store, we carry professional eyelash extension supplies from trusted brands in the beauty industry, such as Borbeleta and Stella Lash, including non-toxic, strong-bonding glue. Shop with us today for products that will make your treatment results look great and last.