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  • 5 Must-Know Eyelash Extension Bonding & Retention Tips

    When applying extensions, you need to ensure the glue bonds strongly. Otherwise, fans can prematurely shed. Here's how to use glue properly for a lasting bond.
  • The Difference Between Hard and Soft Wax

    There are two types of wax you can use in your salon services: hard wax and soft wax. Here, we outline the differences between these two waxes.
  • How To Help Your Client Grow Their Eyebrows

    Your client wants to grow out their brows for a thicker, fluffier look. How can you help them achieve their goals? Here are a few recommendations to try.
  • Lash Extension Eye Pad Placement: Are You Doing It Right?

    You want to be sure you’re placing under-eyelash pads correctly. Here are our tips for placing them in a way that minimizes sliding and irritation.
  • Tips for Attracting Clients to Your Lash Salon

    Do you want to grow your lash salon's client base? Here are three tips for spreading positive word of your salon and attracting new clients.
  • Synthetic Eyelash Extensions are made with PBT. What is PBT?

    Synthetic Eyelash Extensions are made with PBT, but what is PBT?  Polybutylene terephthalate is a synthetic semi-crystalline engineered thermoplast...
  • Having Lash Retention Issues?

    Having Lash Retention Issues?   Creating lasting and beautiful lash extensions is an art and a science. Giving a woman a gorgeous set of lashes tak...
  • How To Do Eyelash Extensions for Clients With Sensitive Skin

    You must be careful when applying lash extensions to clients with sensitive skin. Here are nine tips for preventing reactions and getting glamorous results.
  • 3 Reasons To Use Skin-Friendly Products in Your Salon

    Finding a salon is no easy feat for people with sensitive skin. If a salon doesn't carry skin-friendly products, they can't go there at all. Otherw...
  • How To Make Waxing More Comfortable for Your Client

    Waxing can be an uncomfortable experience, especially for first-time clients. Here are some tips for making your clients more comfortable during waxing.
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Applying Lash Sealant

    Lash sealant is a convenient, easy-to-use aftercare formula that protects extensions and extends their life. Learn how to apply it correctly here.
  • Tips for Upselling to Your Lash Extension and Brow Clients

    Upselling is a skill and an art. If you need help selling extra products and services to your clients, use these tips to boost your success rate.