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A Quick Overview of Lash Lift Maintenance

A gorgeous lash lift is the desire of many, and why wouldn’t it be? It adds that perfect oomph to the eyes, making them look naturally bright, attractive, and fresh throughout the day. But maintaining those lovely curls isn’t as challenging as your clients may think. As an expert in the beauty industry, it’s your job to keep your clients’ lash lifts looking fresh and fabulous. With this quick overview of lash lift maintenance, you can gain some practical aftercare tips to share with your clients.

Keep Those Lashes Dry and Steer Clear of Steam

Water might be the source of life, but for lash lifts—not so much. Advise your clients to keep their lashes dry for the first 24 hours after their treatments. It’s during this time that the lashes are most susceptible to losing their shape. If your clients are tempted to indulge in a steamy shower or sauna session—we know they’re heavenly—encourage them to hold off until after that crucial 24-hour period.

Be Mindful of How You Sleep

Our next lash lift maintenance tip for your clients is to be careful with how they sleep. It’s essential for your clients to sleep on their backs during the first night after a lash lift so the lashes don’t get squished against the pillow. Even if a client is not natural-born back sleeper, remind them that it’s just one night. It might even be helpful to suggest using a U-shaped travel pillow behind their neck to help them stay in the correct position.

Use Lash Lift-Friendly Mascara

When it’s finally time to add some makeup magic, let your clients know that wearing mascara is A-OK, but they should be cautious of the type of mascara they use. Water-based mascaras, like Elleebana Elleevate, work like a charm, whereas oil-based or waterproof ones can potentially damage the lift effects.

In your quest for beautiful and lasting lash lifts, be sure to trust only the best. Lash and Beauty Store offers high-quality Elleebana products, including Elleebana Lash Lift supplies. Your clients deserve superior quality products and services, and with proper maintenance and care, their lash lifts can look stunning for up to 8 weeks! Who wouldn’t want their lashes looking so effortlessly gorgeous?