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Beauty Salon Services To Offer and Tips To Become Certified

Every beauty professional knows that continuous learning and expanding their repertoire of services will help them get ahead in the industry. If you're thinking of exploring the latest and greatest beauty salon services to offer, you've come to the right place! We’re going to teach you about three popular services to add to your beauty menu and share tips on how to become certified.

Lash Extensions: The Ultimate Eye-Lift

Lash extensions are popular because they provide an instant eye-lift for clients, giving them that wide-eyed look. The process involves attaching individual synthetic lashes to the client's lash line with a special adhesive.

You should use high-quality products like Lash and Beauty Store’s professional lash extension supplies for the best results. This ensures your clients enjoy an amazing experience and return for regular touch-ups.

Getting Certified

To become certified in lash extension application, you'll need to complete a professional course where you learn the correct application techniques and essential safety measures. Many courses are available online or in-person, with varying lengths and costs. Once you’ve completed your training, practice and perfect your skills on friends and family before offering this service in your salon.

Lash and Brow Lamination: Taming Wild Hairs

Lash and brow lamination are relatively new services, yet they are rapidly growing in popularity. Lash lamination involves lifting and curling your client’s natural lashes to create an eye-opening effect. Brow lamination, on the other hand, tames unruly brow hairs and creates a smooth appearance.

Getting Certified

To become certified in lash and brow lamination, you'll need to attend a training course. Many course providers offer one or two-day intensive training that covers essential techniques and safety procedures. After completing your course, practice your new skills to grow in confidence and expertise before offering these services in your salon.

Lash and Brow Tints: Boosting Natural Beauty

Lash and brow tints provide a quick, long-lasting solution for clients wanting to enhance their natural features without applying makeup. By using a specially formulated, semi-permanent dye, you can create bold, defined brows and lashes that last for several weeks.

Getting Certified

To become a certified lash and brow tinting professional, you must complete a training course from a reputable source. These courses typically cover application techniques, safety precautions, and client aftercare advice. You may have to take and pass a practical exam to demonstrate your skills and knowledge.

Now, you have the inside scoop on three beauty salon services to offer, as well as tips for becoming certified. Incorporating these services into your business will help you stay current within the ever-evolving beauty scene and expand your salon's repertoire.