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Having Lash Retention Issues?

Having Lash Retention Issues?  

Creating lasting and beautiful lash extensions is an art and a science. Giving a woman a gorgeous set of lashes takes talent, patience and training. Yet, even the most experienced lash artists can run into retention issues with adhesives.  

As seasons and weather change, the environment in which you apply your lash extensions needs to be adjusted. Additionally, there are some application tips that can help solve some issues. We’ve created a list of tips to help you trouble shoot your retention issues.  

Four Tips for Stronger Lash Retention:

1.  Don’t Swipe! 

The application process of adhesive to the lash extension is crucial to a strong bond. It’s recommended to dip the extension into the adhesive approximately 1 to 3 mm and to pull it out s-l-o-w-l-y. NEVER SWIPE the extension on the rim of your adhesive dispenser. When a lash is swiped the adhesive will begin to dry. By the time it is applied to the natural lash it will not have a solid bond because it will have spots that are dry and spots that are not dry, thus creating an uneven bond.  If you pull out a lash with a glue bead, or ball, then simply dip the lash back into the adhesive and pull it out slower to have a thin, even coat of adhesive. Never wipe, dap, or swipe off excess adhesive.

2.  Nebulizer Now

The Lash Nebulizer  releases a vapor of moisture that cures cyanoacrylate. It cools and refreshes the skin while it cures the adhesive. Always choose a nebulizer over a Nano Mister. The Nano Mister gets the client’s lashes and skin wet with water droplets that are the enemy of lash adhesive. Vapor of Moisture = cures with strong bond (Nebulizer) > Tiny Water Droplets = cures with weak bond (Nano Mister)

2.  How’s Your Humidity

Adhesives react differently to various environments and climates. For this reason, adhesives cannot be guaranteed to have the same results for everyone.  

There are three levels of humidity and there are adhesives for each level. Be sure you’re using the correct adhesive for your environment. To learn how to select the correct adhesive for your environment’s humidity level, review the StellaLash Academy Adhesive Chart

Humid – 45% - 65%

Middle – 30% - 50%

Drier – 20% - 35%

If you are working in an environment with over 65% Humidity you should add a Dehumidifier to decrease humidity.


If you’re not sure about the percentage of humidity in your work environment, use a Hydrometer in your work space close to where you are lashing. This will give you accurate humidity readings.

If you have low humidity, make the room more humid with a humidifier. If humidity is high, utilize a dehumidifier to lower the humidity in the room.

Just because it is humid outside does not mean it will be humid in your room!  

4.  Take The Temperature

68-72 Fahrenheit

Keeping your lashing environment in the ideal temperature zone of 68 – 72 degrees Fahrenheit is crucial to a strong adhesive bond. Your lashing space should have temperature control for optimal lash retention.  

Creating a strong lash bond with the correct techniques, adhesives, and environmental settings is easy to do. Lash and Beauty Store can provide you with all of the tools and information you need to create beautiful lashes that last!