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How To Help Your Client Grow Their Eyebrows

Recently, a client came to you asking for advice on how to grow their brows. Maybe they plucked them and haven’t had luck growing them back, or maybe they just want to hop on the bushy brow trend. Either way, they want to know: how can they make their eyebrows look fuller and fluffier? There are a lot of ways to grow out natural brows or enhance their look. If you want to know what the best recommendations to give your inquisitive client are, consider these expert tips on how to help your client grow their eyebrows.

Advise Against Overgrooming

Grooming the brows can keep them looking neat and tidy, but grooming too frequently or too intensely can prevent the hairs from growing out. Tweezing and plucking, when done repeatedly, can even damage the hair follicles permanently and lengthen the natural brow growth phase. Advise your client to keep grooming to a minimum until their brows grow closer to their desired thickness. And when they do groom, they should keep the following tips in mind.

  • Pluck or tweeze in dull lighting. Bright lighting can make hairs look more prominent, which can result in unnecessary scrutiny and overplucking.
  • Leave hairs that are close to the brow line alone.
  • Brush brows daily, and use a brow brush or spoolie to clean and exfoliate the skin underneath.

Show Them How To Brush Their Brows

Brushing the eyebrows tames unruly hairs and creates an attractive, uniform look. It also exfoliates the skin underneath and can stimulate growth. But it’s important that your client brushes their brow correctly. Take the time to show them the proper technique.

To brush their brows, they should use a brow brush or spoolie. If they have neither, these tools are inexpensive to buy, but a clean and dried mascara wand will work in a pinch. Your client should start brushing at the head of the brow (the thickest part nearest the nose) and gently brush the hairs in a sweeping upward movement. Once they reach the taper, or tail of their brow, they can smooth it out with a downward sweep.

Recommend a Brow Thickening Treatment

Not everyone is born with the genes that lead to naturally thick and fluffy brows. Fortunately, anyone can achieve this look with a little help. For clients that want full brows but have trouble growing them, you may want to recommend treatments such as tints, lamination, and microblading.


Using standard and henna tints, you can darken the brow hairs and fill in any sparse areas, making the brows appear fuller.


Many compare brow lamination to a perm because you lift and groom the brow hairs during the treatment. A chemical solution breaks down the bonds in the hairs, allowing you to reshape them and brush the hairs upward. The result is straighter, thicker, and bushier-looking brows.


Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup. A professional uses a small handheld needle tool to inject pigment into the skin beneath the brows. These lines of pigment create the illusion of thicker, darker, and shapelier brows.

Try a Brow Growth Serum

Another way to help your client grow their eyebrows is by trying a brow growth serum. Brow growth serums are formulas containing a variety of amino acids and other essential vitamins that help promote healthy hair growth. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and they help support the keratin that makes up the brow hairs. Other common ingredients used in serums include biotin, which promotes keratin production, and ceramides and panthenol, which lock in moisture to keep the hairs hydrated. When used frequently, serums can speed up the hair growth process and ensure new hairs grow healthy, thick, and strong.

Encourage Moisturizing and Exfoliating

Moisturizing and exfoliating the brows can also help them grow. Moisturizing with natural oils, lotions, or creams locks moisture in the hairs, making them stronger and less likely to break or fall out. Exfoliating, on the other hand, cleanses the brow area of dead skin cells and dirt. This process prevents ingrown hairs, promotes blood flow for faster growth, and creates a smooth, clean base that will aid in product absorption.

Suggest Natural At-Home Treatments

Most natural, at-home treatments are anecdotal and not scientifically proven to grow the brows, but most are also harmless and don’t hurt to try. By using these natural treatments alongside proven growth solutions such as serums, your client may see enhanced growth. Here a just a few treatments they can perform from the comfort of their couch.

Use Vaseline

Vaseline is extremely hydrating and can make brows more resilient. While there’s no conclusive evidence that it helps brows grow, it may make them look fuller anyway because of how it smooths and shapes the hairs.

Use Onion Juice

Onion juice contains sulfur, which boosts keratin production. This treatment could strengthen brittle hairs and promote faster growth when applied topically.

Use Raw Milk

Spreading a small amount of raw milk onto the brows may encourage growth, as milk is hydrating and full of nutrients, such as fats and proteins, that nourish the hairs.

Understand Their Goals & Advise Them

You know your client wants to grow their brows, but what’s their ultimate goal? Do they just want to grow out a few sparse patches? Is their dream to have the thickest, fluffiest eyebrows around? When you understand your client’s aim, you can better tailor your recommendations to them.

For example, someone who only wants to slightly fill in their brows might think the results of treatments such as microblading are too artificial or bold, while someone who wants ultra-thick brows and fast might find natural methods painstakingly slow. Always cater your advice to the individual client relying on your expertise.

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How To Help Your Client Grow Their Eyebrows