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How To Make Waxing More Comfortable for Your Client

It's no secret that waxing can be uncomfortable and painful. That said, it provides benefits that even people who fear the discomfort can't resist!

If your waxing client is nervous about their appointment, there are a few things you can do to put them at ease. Here are eight ways to make your client more comfortable before, during, and after their waxing treatment.

Educate Them

There are a few precautions your clients will need to take prior to their waxing appointment. Here are six pre-treatment instructions you should advise them to follow:

Don't Drink or Smoke

Alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco can increase sensitivity and make waxing more painful. Your client should avoid drinking alcohol, drinking coffee, and smoking for at least a few hours prior to their appointment.

Wear Loose Clothing

Ideally, your client should wear loose, comfortable clothes to their appointment. Tight clothes will rub against their sensitive post-wax skin and irritate it.

Don't Exfoliate

Your client should avoid exfoliating their skin 24-48 hours prior to their wax. Exfoliation can make the skin more sensitive and worsen irritation.

Don't Wear Lotions

Your client should forgo makeup or skin care products on the day of their appointment. These products can affect how well the wax sticks to the skin, so you'll need to wash them off prior to waxing anyway.

Don't Tan

Your client also shouldn't tan in the 24-48 hours prior to their appointment. Spray and lotion tans can make it difficult for the wax to adhere properly, while sunbathing and sun beds can burn the skin and make it extremely delicate to the touch.

Don't Shave

It can be tempting to shave stray hairs in between waxes, but it's better to let the hair grow out to at least 1/4 inch long. Longer hair is easier to wax because it gives the wax more to hold on to.

Use Hard Waxes

Our next tip on how to make waxing more comfortable for your client is to use the right kind of wax. Soft wax tends to be more painful and irritating than hard wax. If you have clients with hypersensitive skin, we recommend avoiding it. Instead, use hard wax, which is safer and less painful because it doesn't remove the outer layer of the skin. If you need to use soft wax for larger areas of a client's body, you can dull the pain by using a soft wax that melts at a lower temperature. Cooler waxes are much gentler on the skin.

Provide Aftercare Tips

For best results and the least amount of irritation, there are a few post-care tips your clients will need to adhere to once they leave your salon. For the first 24-48 hours after their wax, your client should avoid:

  • Taking hot baths and showers
  • Swimming in chlorinated pools
  • Using saunas, hot tubs, and steam treatments
  • Tanning
  • Exercising
  • Touching the waxed area with unwashed hands
  • Using skincare products like deodorants, lotions, and powders

For three days after the treatment, your clients should apply a lotion or cream with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and/or moisturizing properties; this will protect the freshly waxed skin and soothe irritation. Once the irritation subsides, they should also start gently exfoliating the waxed area with a dry brush a few times per week to prevent ingrown hairs.

Be Quick & Efficient

The faster you work, the less painful the waxing will be. Use products you're familiar with and try to work efficiently. That said, every waxing experience is unique. If you need to spend extra time on a particular area, that's okay. After all, you should never sacrifice quality for speed.

Pre-Treatment Prep

Don't forget to prepare your client's skin prior to waxing it. Properly preparing the skin will make the waxing process go faster and smoother. It will minimize pain and irritation for your client. To start, you'll want to clean the client's skin using a professional pre-wax cleaner; this removes dirt, oil, and residue from skincare products and helps the wax adhere solidly. Next, apply a thin layer of oil, powder, lotion, or balm to the skin. You have a few options here. Most salons use one of the following three products for this step:

Pre-Depilatory Balms

Pre-depilatory balms have antiseptic ingredients and are specially formulated for people with sensitive skin. You can use them to absorb sweat and other impurities on the skin, which leaves behind a clean, taut surface that wax easily adheres to.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial and antifungal oil that absorbs quickly into the skin. It helps prevent bumps and protects waxed skin from infections.

Antiseptic Lotion

Antiseptic lotions contain antiseptic and antioxidant ingredients that kill bacteria and protect against infection. These lotions also relax the skin to ease the pain of waxing.

After you’ve cleaned the skin and used an oil, powder, lotion, or balm to prepare and protect it, you can apply the wax.

Use Essential Oils & Music

You may also want to consider using natural oils. Not on the skin; rather, in the air. Calming scents can help your client relax and unwind. Music is another way you can soothe your clients. Pick slow, relaxing music genres, like classical.

Apply Ice

After waxing, you can apply ice (wrapped in a towel or gauze), a cold compress, or cool gel to your client's skin to reduce irritation, redness, and swelling.

Remove All Wax Residue

After waxing, it's crucial to remove all wax residue. Not only does this residual wax feel uncomfortable; it can also further irritate the skin if left on. There are a few ways to remove leftover wax from the skin. Using a hot water compression, warm oil, petroleum jelly, ice, or alcohol are the most common removal methods.

At Lash and Beauty Store, you can find the high-quality products you need to perform waxing treatments. We have professional wax beads from Jax Wax. These hard wax beads smell great, are easy to work with, and are made of natural ingredients that are gentle on sensitive skin. We also carry pre-wax cleanser and post-wax lotion to help you pamper your client's skin and minimize discomfort.

How To Make Waxing More Comfortable for Your Client