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Lash Extension Eye Pad Placement: Are You Doing It Right?

Under-eye pads are essential tools used to cleanly and safely apply extensions. But it can take some finesse to apply them correctly. If you want to know if you’re placing lash extension eye pads correctly, we’ll go over the process here! Minimize irritation and improve results with these pro tips.

Clean the Eye Area

Before you apply the eye pads, use makeup remover to gently cleanse your client’s lashes and eye area. Over the course of the day, oil, dirt, and makeup accumulate on the skin, and if you don’t wash them off first, the pads may not stick.

Choose the Correct Size

Under-eye pads come in one standard size. While this size should fit most of your clients, you may need to make adjustments if your client has a unique eye shape or eyes that are smaller or larger than normal. You can use a pair of scissors to cut the pads to better fit under your client’s eyes.

Apply the Pad

Now it’s time to apply the pads. Ask your client to look straight up and to keep their mouth closed while you apply them. If your client talks or moves their mouth during the application, it can cause their eye folds to shift. Having them look straight up makes it easier for you to see all the tiny under-eye lashes.

Take the pads and carefully place them beneath the eyes two to three mm away from the waterlines and eyelid margins. Once applied, ask your client how they feel. Is the fit comfortable? Can they fully close their eyes? If not, you’ll need to readjust.

Lash extension eye pad placement: are you doing it right? Placing lash pads is a quick and simple process, but it can take a bit of practice to perfect. Use the tips above to improve your technique. And if you need salon-quality, easy-to-use under-eye pads or other professional eyelash extension supplies, find them here at Lash and Beauty Store! We carry a wide variety of extensions and tools from Borboleta at great prices.