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Lash Sealant vs. Bonder: Which Is Better?

If you've been keeping up with the latest trends and tips in the lash industry, you might have come across two game-changing products: lash sealants and bonders. As a cosmetologist, it's essential to know your materials and tools to make the best decision for your clients. So, which one is better, lash sealant or bonder?

What Is a Lash Sealant?

A lash sealant is a clear or black-coated liquid that you apply on top of a client’s lash extensions once the adhesive dries. The primary goal of a lash sealant is to protect the extensions from oils, dirt, and debris, creating a barrier that helps the lashes withstand wear and tear.

Advantages of Lash Sealants

  • Adds extra protection to lash extensions
  • Reduces fallout and increases retention
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in both clear and tinted formulas

How Does a Bonder Work Its Magic?

A bonder is a lash extension adhesive accelerator specifically designed to speed up the curing process and improve adhesive retention. When you apply a bonder to the base of your client’s lash extensions, it helps the extensions dry faster and bond more securely to the natural lashes. This results in a more comfortable client experience, reducing any potential irritation caused by fumes from wet adhesive.

Perks of Using a Bonder

  • Accelerates adhesive drying time
  • Enhances the strength and durability of lash extensions
  • Reduces potential irritation from adhesive fumes
  • Maintains the flexibility of lash extensions

Pros and Cons: Making the Right Choice

So, which is better, lash sealant or bonder? Each product has unique strengths and weaknesses. Lash sealants safeguard the extensions from external factors, while bonders strengthen the bond between the natural lash and extension. Ultimately, choosing the right product depends on the specific needs of your clients and your expertise.

At the end of the day, both lash sealants and bonders are fantastic products that can elevate your lash game. Here at the Lash and Beauty Store, we highly recommend the Borboleta lash glue, an outstanding adhesive that combines the best of both worlds. It offers excellent bonding power and durability while providing an extra layer of protection that makes your clients' lash extensions truly shine.