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Things Clients Should Do To Prepare for a Wax Appointment

When it comes to prepping for a wax appointment, clients often fall short of what they could do to ensure a smooth and successful session. Here, we’re breaking down the things clients should do to prepare for a wax appointment.

Setting Expectations

Before your client takes a single step toward their wax appointment, you need to set the right expectations. They should understand that waxing isn’t just a quick removal of hair; it’s a process that requires a certain level of prep for both parties. Encourage them to book a consultation if they have any concerns or are new to waxing. And remember to always reassess and communicate expectations at every visit—no two waxes are the same.

Skin Preparations

A little prep goes a long way. Clients should treat their soon-to-be-waxed skin with care. Encourage gentle exfoliation a day or two before the appointment to prevent ingrown hairs. But no hard scrubbing the day of! Moisturizing daily can also assist in a smooth and less painful experience. Silkier skin means an easier wax.

Clothing Choice

Another thing clients should do to prepare for a wax appointment is plan their outfits carefully. What clients wear to their wax appointments might not seem important, but it can affect the post-wax experience. Suggest loose-fitting clothing to avoid irritation after their service. A skirt might be easier than skinny jeans to slip back into without causing any discomfort.

Aftercare Instructions

Your influence doesn’t end after pulling off the last piece of wax. Offer clients detailed aftercare instructions to maintain their results. Share the importance of avoiding certain products and activities, and direct them toward soothing solutions like aloe vera to aid their skin’s recovery.

Proper preparation makes a big difference in the outcome of a waxing appointment. If you need top-notch waxing supplies for your salon, Lash and Beauty Store has everything you need to provide your patrons with a premium waxing experience. We don’t just sell lash tech supplies; we have high-quality products for every type of beauty professional.