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Tips To Make Your Client’s Brow Tint Last Longer

With a brow tint, you can add color, thickness, and shape to your client’s brows. The results of this treatment are phenomenal—it’s a shame they don’t last forever! But even though brow tints aren’t permanent, your client can do a few things to make them last beyond the typical six-to-eight weeks window. Check out these tips to make your client’s brow tint last longer and acquire the knowledge you need to help your clients keep their brows looking fabulous for as long as possible!

Stay Away from Water (When Possible!)

Water is the ultimate enemy of most beauty treatments, including eyebrow tints. Advise your clients against excessive water exposure during the first 48 hours after their appointment to help make their brow tints last longer. This crucial period is when the color sets into their eyebrow hairs, and water can hinder that process.

Encourage your clients to avoid swimming and taking long, hot showers during this time. Also, remind them to be extra cautious when they wash their faces, making sure to keep the water away from their brows as much as possible. These precautions can make a world of difference for eyebrow tint longevity!

Minimize Exercise and Sweating at First

Sweating can also cause the brow tint to fade faster. Encourage your clients to avoid strenuous exercise or activities that will make them sweat excessively during the first 48 hours after their appointment. This includes hot yoga, running, and other intense workouts.

Suggest they use a headband or sweatband to keep the sweat from dripping onto their brows if they cannot avoid sweating. They can also gently pat their brows with a clean towel to absorb any excess sweat.

Remind your clients that after the initial 48-hour period, they can resume their regular exercise routine without worrying about affecting their brow tint. However, it’s still important for them to avoid excessive sweating daily as this can lead to the tint fading faster.

Avoid Excessive Brushing and Harsh Products

Keeping the eyebrows well-groomed is essential but overdoing it can cause the eyebrow tint to fade faster. Instruct your clients to be gentle when brushing their eyebrows and avoid using too much force. Lash and Beauty Store’s Brow Combo Brush or similar products are gentle and perfect for such maintenance.

Additionally, your client’s choice of facial products can affect their brow tint’s lifetime. Recommend they avoid harsh face washes, exfoliants, or cleansers that contain strong chemicals. These products can strip the brow hairs of their color prematurely. Instead, suggest gentler alternatives that cleanse the skin without causing damage to their precious brow tints.

Keeping the Eyebrows Clean

Good hygiene is crucial for maintaining a brow tint. But cleaning freshly tinted eyebrows can be tricky. Advise your clients to use a gentle cleanser or micellar water and cotton pads to remove any makeup or residue from their brows to keep the brows clean without ruining the tint.

Remind them to be careful not to rub or scrub too hard, as this can cause the tint to fade. Instead, suggest they pat their brows gently with a cotton pad to avoid any friction. Additionally, recommend that they use oil-free products when cleansing their face to prevent any oils from contacting their freshly-tinted brows.

Finally, suggest that your clients clean their eyebrows at least once a day to prevent any buildup of dirt or oils that can affect the longevity of their brow tint. Your clients can keep their brows clean and maintain their tint for as long as possible by following these tips.

Keep Sun Exposure to a Minimum

Excessive sun exposure can be damaging to the skin and hair, and this includes eyebrow hair. Sun exposure can cause your client’s brow tint to fade faster than usual. Advise your clients to wear a hat or use an umbrella when spending prolonged periods under the sun.

Suggest that they apply sunscreen specifically designed for eyebrows or use an eyebrow pencil with built-in SPF protection if they can’t avoid being in direct sunlight. These measures can help protect the brow tint from fading due to sun exposure.

Additionally, remind your clients to avoid tanning beds as the UV rays can also affect their brow tint. Advise them to cover their eyebrows or use a product specifically made for protecting eyebrow tints if they must use a tanning bed.

Avoid Picking or Rubbing the Brows

Picking or rubbing the brows is one of the biggest mistakes clients make after getting their brows tinted. This action can cause the tint to fade faster and even lead to patchy-looking brows. Emphasize to your clients the importance of leaving their eyebrows alone during the first 48 hours after their appointment.

Remind them that any friction or pressure on the brows can cause the tint to come off, resulting in uneven or faded color. Suggest your clients use a clean spoolie brush instead to groom their brows gently if they have an urge to touch their eyebrows.

Also, warn your clients against picking at any skin flaking around the eyebrows. Picking can cause irritation and redness, which can also affect the brow tint’s longevity. Encourage your clients to apply a small amount of Vaseline or aloe vera gel to soothe any flakiness instead.

Touch-Ups and Maintenance

Even with the best care, brow tints will eventually fade. However, your clients can prolong their brow tint’s lifespan through touch-ups and maintenance appointments. Encourage your clients to schedule regular touch-up appointments every two to three weeks to keep their brows looking fresh and vibrant. During these touch-up appointments, you can fill in any faded areas and adjust the color or shape of the brows if desired.

Recommend maintenance techniques such as using a clear brow gel or brow pencil to fill in any sparse areas and keep the color looking vibrant in between touch-up appointments. These appointments will help maintain the overall appearance of the brows until their next tint.

The next time a client comes in for a brow tint, let them in on these tips you’ve learned to make your client’s brow tint last longer before they strut out the door! The expertise you provide will leave your clients impressed and help them maintain their fabulous-looking brows for as long as possible. And, of course, it goes without saying that quality products make all the difference in the world. Invest in high-quality products like Lash and Beauty Store’s eyebrow tints to ensure you’re giving your clients the best chance for a long-lasting, stunning brow tint.

Tips To Make Your Client’s Brow Tint Last Longer