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Ways To Shape Eyebrows To Flatter Each Client

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to eyebrow shape. Styling them requires considering your client’s unique features to create a personalized look that enhances their natural beauty. Here are some ways to shape eyebrows that will flatter each client’s unique look.

Enhance Face Shapes

Each face is a map with a different topography. Some are gentle and rounded, while others have sharp, defined features.

To elongate a round face, try a brow with a high, angular arch. Soft curves can add a touch of elegance to clients with square face shapes. Rectangular faces benefit from extended tails that draw the eyes outwards. And for those with heart-shaped faces, a rounded brow looks best. It’s all about balance, and the right brow shape can act as a subtle highlighter for the face’s natural structure.

Make The Brow-Eye Connection

Considering their proximity to one another, the eyes can greatly benefit from tailored eyebrow shaping. An exaggerated brow arch can give hooded eyes the impression of openness. Round eyes, often large and enchanting, can be balanced with a thicker, horizontal brow. Almond-shaped eyes are the most versatile of the eye shapes and can be accentuated by a variety of brow styles.

Consider The Eyewear

Clients who wear glasses need a brow shape that complements their frames without competing with them. For example, thick, bushy brows can overpower small frames, while thin and sparse eyebrows can disappear behind large eyewear. The key is to create balance by considering the overall look and style of glasses.

Tailor According to Brow Color

Our final tip to help you shape eyebrows that will flatter each client is to use tints. Incorporating tinting into your brow services can elevate the client experience and provide you with an additional way to shape eyebrows. You can use tinting products to fill in sparse areas or create depth and texture. Just be sure to use a color that makes sense for the client.

Lash and Beauty Store's brow and lash tinting products offer a spectrum shades for creating perfectly defined brows. Experiment with warmth, coolness, and intensity to find the perfect hue for your client.

Personalization and precision are the pillars of a successful brow service. Remember to consider your client’s face shape, eye features, and eyewear. Doing so will allow you to create flattering brows that leave your clients feeling understood and confident.