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What's the Minimum Age for Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions have gained popularity among beauty enthusiasts in recent years. However, you might wonder about a minimum age requirement for lash extensions. Let's dive into this frequently asked question and explore the factors that professionals ought to be aware of while providing lash extension services to young clients.

Legal Age Requirements

The first things to consider are legal age restrictions. While there isn't a federally mandated minimum age for lash extensions in the US, it's always good to check your local laws. Some states might have specific rules for salon services that you must adhere to.

Considerations for Providing Lash Extensions to Young Clients

You should consider other factors before offering lash extension services to young clients. These factors include the following:

Skin Sensitivity and Allergies

Young skin is sensitive and prone to allergies. Before providing lash extension services to young clients, conduct a thorough consultation and patch test. This will help you identify any potential allergies or sensitivities to the adhesive or other materials you will use in the procedure.


You should perform patch tests at least 48 hours before the appointment, as allergic reactions might not occur immediately.

Client Maturity and Aftercare Responsibility

Lash extensions require aftercare to ensure longevity and avoid infection or damage to the natural lashes. Gauge the level of responsibility in young clients, and educate them about proper aftercare routines.

Age-Appropriate Styles and Expectations

Young clients may have unrealistic expectations regarding the outcome of their lash extensions. Before proceeding with the service, manage those expectations, and guide them toward age-appropriate lash styles.


Take time during the consultation to understand your client's desired look and offer appropriate recommendations that complement their style without going overboard.

The Verdict: No One-Size-Fits-All Answer

There’s no universally agreed-upon answer for the minimum age requirement for lash extensions. Your decision to provide lash extensions to young clients depends on these factors and your personal comfort as a lash tech. By taking these factors into consideration, your young clients will leave your salon feeling fabulous!

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