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Why Your Clients Need a Lash Sealant on Extensions

As a cosmetologist or esthetician, you’re always keeping up with the latest beauty trends and tools to give your clients the looks they want. And when it comes to lash extensions, you know that delivering both a beautiful and a long-lasting result is the top priority. That’s where lash sealants come in! Lash sealants are specialized, water-resistant products used to lock in lash extensions and protect the natural lashes from damage. They’re game-changers in the world of eyelash extensions, and in this post, we’ll explore the reasons why your clients need lash sealants on their extensions.

Enhanced Retention Time

Lash adhesives are prone to breaking down with exposure to moisture and oils—but not with a high-quality lash sealant in place. Lash sealant defends extensions against factors that may loosen the adhesive bond, effectively increasing retention time. This keeps your clients coming back for touch-ups less frequently, and who wouldn’t want that?

Protection From Environmental Factors

Another reason your clients need lash sealants on their extensions is to shield their lashes from environmental factors. Lash sealants work to protect lashes against pollutants, dirt, and debris, ensuring that the extensions stay beautiful and bold for as long as possible.

Moreover, considering that an average person blinks roughly 15,000 times a day, it’s important to have a protective shield that maintains the structural integrity of the extensions, and that’s exactly what sealants do.

Color and Shine Revitalization

As the days go by, lash extensions may start to lose their shine and appear dull. A lash sealant acts as a rejuvenating agent that restores the vibrant color and shine of the extensions. This extra layer of protection will maintain the lash’s fabulous look and keep them in optimal condition.

Additionally, most high-quality lash sealants contain nourishing ingredients that promote the overall health of natural lashes, such as vitamins and extracts. A little extra nourishment never hurt anyone, right?

To Seal the Deal

It’s clear that incorporating a lash sealant into your eyelash extension process adds immense value for both you and your clients. The benefits of lash sealants are undeniable.

But lash sealants aren’t the only thing you need to provide your clients with long-lasting and beautiful eyelash extensions. You also need high-quality adhesive. Lash And Beauty Store’s Borboleta lash glue, for example, is a premium option that offers superior bonding power when paired with a lash sealant. With this combo, your clients can flaunt their luscious lashes for even longer! So next time you’re looking to invest in some lash supplies, make sure you give this duo a try.