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Jax Wax Victorian Heath Hard Wax Beads

Jax Wax Victorian Heath Hard Wax Beads

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  • Frankincense Fragrance
  • Super Flexible, contains titanium dioxide to calm redness
  • Designed to be used at a lower working temperature, this is a highly workable wax
  • Great wax for students
  • Recommended for all areas
  • 2.2 lbs

Advanced resin

The Common Pink Heath is the Victorian floral emblem and was the first Australian state to officially recognize a floral emblem. It is found mainly in southern Victoria’s semi‐shaded west foothills and coastal heathlands including the Grampians and the Little Desert National Parks. The winter flowering of Pink Heath surprises people with its welcome addition of colour to bushland in southern Victoria.

Jax Wax Australia’s Victorian Heath has been formulated to be used at a lower working temperature making this a highly workable wax. Their succulent berries and abundant nectar were eaten by the local Indigenous Australians and the early settlers. Honeyeater birds, particularly the eastern spinebill, also feed upon the nectar of the flowers which encourages pollination. Jax Wax Australia’s Victorian Heath Wax contains titanium dioxide which calms redness and making it a great all round wax for students and therapists